Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching

Simply share your birth details & get relaxed.

kunadlini matching
kunadlini matching

As our experience & research understand we should do something more than traditional kundali matching (36 gunas). We apply western marriage compatibility & we also analyse wither marriage is progressing in good period or not.

Planets Impact on Human life

Horoscope is a picture of the sky at the time of your birth. The position of planets help to understand the characteristic of humans. Same nature it can positive or negative it works depends on the time.

Predicting Marriage & Compatibility

Understanding the current time is very important to take right decision & drive properly in life. We follow multiple astrological for more accuracy & authenticity. Few factors we consider attraction, exchange of views, bondage, family attachments, balancing negative qualities, next 5 years of future.

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We will charge 300 Rs for Kundali Matching service

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